Our Layout

Our current ambitious 25 x 50 foot HO Scale layout was begun after moving to our current home in 2000. For those new to model railroading, HO scale is the most popular train scale with models 1/87th of actual size. In otherwords if you have a building that is 87 feet long, an HO scale model of it would be 1 foot long. The track plan is a combination of around the walls oval, with a second oval on a central penisula. A simple 14" deep shelf adds an additional around the walls oval for extra operating potential. Access to the layout room is via stairs from above. The layout itself is walk around with generous aisle widths, save for the central operating pit within the penisula. Access to the central area, as well as the crew room, work benches, and washroom are made easy by removable bridge sections that are only put in place during operations. After a decade of planning and work construction is well advanced, with all of the benchwork built, 95% of the track laid and wired, and a good portion of scenery in various stages of completion.


We do not follow, nor run a strict prototypic era or type of layout, though the emphasis is on the steam to diesel transition period in Canada. Currently our track plan includes a major yard, engine servicing facility with round house and turn table, 2 major towns, a harbour switching area, a mountainous region, and more.

Scenery is an eclectic mix of techniques using commercial model railroad products and techniques as well as "home grown" alternatives that deliver acceptable quality at reasonable cost. Similarly structures are a mix of straight from kit, kit bashed, and scratch built.

Club rolling stock is a mixture of largely transition era steam and diesels from a variety of Canadian roads. Members are welcome to bring their own locomotives and rolling stock to run up and down the layout. We're not really anal whether it fits the theme or not - so don't be surprised to see the occasional U.S. road name or the Hogwart's Express make an appearence!


The layout has reached a point where it is beginning to be run regularly. We have no formal operating plan yet but as the central island is finished off over the comming winter we plan to introduce regular operating nights.

Our control system is designed so that at the flip of a switch (and putting the appropriate locomotives on the track) we can change between traditional DC control OR Digitrax command and control. For the former we can have several trains operating on different parts of the layout simultaneously. For the latter we have much greater freedom to run multiple locomotives at the same time and the same area. An added bonus is the ability to use wireless throttles to allow operators to follow their trains around the room. Our locomotive roster includes a growing number with decoders, including some with onboard sound.

Track plan

Coming Soon(ish)(By soon I mean I'm reasonably confident I'll have it up sometime before the Leafs win the cup.)

For more information, contact:

Steve McCoy
Cell 416.817.4015 (please no calls after 10pm)

Michael Campbell
Cell 416.856.1183 (please no calls after 10pm)